About Us

If you find that moving is nothing but headache after headache then isn’t it time to change the way you move? Traditionally, moving has involved finding or purchasing those wretched cardboard boxes that inevitably fall apart. Packing tape somehow always ends up getting stuck to itself and in the end all that wasted cardboard is not very environmentally friendly. If this sounds like the stressful scenario you usually find yourself in while moving then you should try Snappybox. We have created a revolutionary system that gives you the best moving experience while also helping the planet.

Moving is often stressful and difficult, so we want to make your moving experience as hassle free as possible. Snappybox is a unique system that will save you time and money. Our distinctive boxes are easier to pack than traditional boxes with no assembly or tape required. All you have to do is pack and stack your belongings. Our specialised boxes are sturdy as well as weather resistant. With Snappyboxes you can rest assured that the natural elements will not damage your valuable possessions and that everything will arrive in perfect condition. Snappyboxes move you and your family in the easiest way possible.

Snappyboxes also come with the added benefit of saving you money and the planet! With Snappyboxes there is no need for tape, recycling costs, petrol stops, or cardboard boxes purchased from a store. You don’t even have to wait for your boxes to be delivered. Rather than wait all day for your boxes to arrive you pick a two hour window that is convenient for you and we will deliver your valuable possessions within that time frame. The best of all is that we deliver as late as10 pm! Your boxes will arrive as early as 6 hours after ordering and will be picked up at your new home. While you will be able to save time and money on cardboard boxes and tape you will also be contributing to a greener moving system.

Snappyboxes are here to make your move as seamless and environmentally friendly as possible!